Feminism in Arab countries

by marzele

It seems that FEMEN is creating world-wide awareness as their radical way of protest has spread around the globe. The Iranian Communist Party and the Organization Against Violence on Women in Iran staged a topless protest in Sweden.

FEMEN support this demonstration and posted pictures of the Iranian’s women’s topless protest on their website. They have been urging Muslim women to ‘get naked’ and use nudity as a sign of protest against hijabs.

It is great to see pro-feminist Islamic movements, but this particular one is very controversial it its nature. According to religious laws Muslim women are expected to cover their heads and chests, to lower their gaze while walking past men and to walk in a way that does not attract attention. If a woman does not do this she is not considered religious. Therefore the women who took part in this protest are subjected to severe criticism. Another criticism of protest is that  the ideals of Western feminism is being thrust upon Muslim women and they are not getting the opportunity to develop their own ideals.

It is a highly contested subject and I am unable to say whether I agree or disagree with this particular protest. I just know for certain that change and the empowerment of women is necessary.