Shall we focus on what is really important

by marzele

In my previous post I attempted to define feminism and talked of its relevance. Now let’s talk about feminists. More specifically, is feminism open to all? Can men be feminists? Feminists, in accordance with my previous post, are defined as people advocating equal social, political and economic rights for men as well as women. According to this definition yes, men can be feminists.

However, it is argued that men can be pro-feminism and   anti-sexism, but not quite feminists, since they are not part of the targeted group and cannot truly be called feminists because of their privileged position in the patriarchal system and their lack of experiencing oppression based on gender.

I believe that men who are campaigns for women’s rights and who is able to give up their position in the patriarchal system can be called feminist. After all, feminism is all about equality of the sexes. There should be less time devoted to the technicalities of the definition and more about the actual issue at hand.